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Exclusive Offer for UPW Chicago 2015

tony robbins

Here at H2O International, we truly believe in Tony’s teachings about drinking purified water and showering in chlorine-free water. Putting clean water in and on our bodies is not an extravagant luxury that only the rich can afford. It’s just a matter of having the right systems at the faucet and in the shower. Since pure-water consumption is such a high priority in Tony’s teachings on healthy living, we’re happy and eager to make a few of these filtration systems available to you at a reduced price. This offer is available only to the attendees of UPW Chicago 2015. You can order these clean-water systems right here on this page for your home or office. Send an email to jg@h2ofilter.com with any questions.


Replaceable Cartridge for RCT-CP

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H2O USA Shower-Filter-Deluxe


Chrome-Plated Shower Filter with Replaceable Cartridge

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Universal Replacement Cartridge for Shower Heads

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