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H2O International Honors Gawie Fagan

Celebrated South African Architect Gabriel Theron Fagan died on September 13, 2020 at the age of 95, in his home in Cape Town. Better known as Gawie Fagan to most, the architect had a successful career that spanned almost 7 decades.

Gawie is fondly remembered by H2O International for his generosity in lending his Yacht Suidoos to H2O for the Cape To Rio Rothman Race in 1996 sailing under the H2O Colours. The voyage was sponsored by H2O US and H2O South Africa. The boat was the oldest boat in the race and captained by the youngest crew; all students of the University of Cape Town and all familiar with the endeavors of H2O in a market that had just opened up in 1994.  After painting and repairs, the boat was launched back in the water late 1995 when it began training and preparations for the 1996 race. Suidoos

One could say the story that follows Too Much H2O put H2O South Africa on the map to success and 25 years later the company became a member of the Best Water Technology (BWT) group of international companies.  See story below

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