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H2O USA – Manufacturer of a range of Water Filters

H2O International is a privately-held, Florida Corporation that manufactures POU/POE water-filtration systems using GAC and KDF® media.

For almost 30 years, we’ve supplied dealers and distributors around the world, each of which has played a key part in establishing H2O as a manufacturing leader of affordable, high quality systems. Using high-grade components and the finest media available, we’ve continuously improved our product line to adapt to new markets, changing regulations and the increased demand for high-quality water. For many clients, we provide private labeling and customized products.

We proudly maintain a supportive staff that promptly responds to the needs of our domestic and overseas distributors.

H2O International is also a sponsor of Wishing Well International Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to developing areas.



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H2O International USA